Which is the best phone ring? The strongest was determined by comparing 4 types of rings



I got drunk and bought a lot of smartphone rings, bunker rings.

I’m currently using a ring called iRing on my iPad mini, but it was more convenient than I thought, so I wanted to use it on my iPhone, so with the help of sake, Amazon sent me one.

Personally, I think that the ring used for smartphones is slightly different from the ring used for iPad mini.

In the case of the iPad mini, the role as a handle is large, and it becomes possible to support the iPad mini, which is difficult to operate with one hand, with one hand with an exquisite balance.

One-handed operation is very stable. This is a must have.

However, in the case of a smartphone, the range of motion of the hand is rather narrowed, making it difficult to use.

In my case, my hands are small, so when I try to reach the edge of the smartphone, the ring gets in the way and I can’t reach it.

In the first place, do you have a light smartphone? Even if you drop it, there is a case, so I don’t think it’s a big deal.

So what do you use it for? as a stand.

I think that the role of a mobile phone stand that allows you to easily stand your smartphone at any time is a major role of the smartphone ring.

It’s in the same category as the Majextand M on my iPad mini.

A portable stand that can be attached to the back. I think that’s the smartphone ring for smartphones.

I digress from the topic, but the ones I purchased this time are all attached with magnets and can be easily attached and detached.

Even if it comes with a case, you can put it on as long as it is a magsafe compatible case.

I think the good points of the magnet-shaped smartphone ring are as follows.

  1. can be replaced easily
  2. Can be removed for wireless charging
  3. Because it is a magnet, the smartphone does not get dirty

On the other hand, if the magnetic force is weak, it will fall off or shift, causing a slight stress, so I would like to verify the difference between each product.

Smartphone rings purchased this time

The smartphone ring I bought this time is popular on the internet.

4 types in all.

  1. Lamicall MagSafe 360 ​​Degree Rotating Smartphone Ring
  2. Anker 610 Magnetic Phone Grip
  3. BoYata Magnetic Smartphone Ring
  4. PITAKA MagSafe Ring MagEZ Grip Magnetic Smartphone Ring

Let’s take a quick look at each.

Lamicall MagSafe 360 ​​Degree Rotating Smartphone Ring

A smartphone ring that boasts a tremendous number of reviews on Amazon, that is the “Lamicall MagSafe 360 ​​degree rotating smartphone ring”.

I am ashamed to say that I did not know this manufacturer.

The price was as low as 1,999 yen when I bought it, and the design is quite simple and refreshing.

The list price seems to be around 2,500 yen.

The feature is that the silver ring inside spins round and round.

This time, I tried various things and realized for the first time that when I tried to change the direction of the magnet type smartphone ring, I had to remove the ring once or pull the ring to change the direction.

Then, of course, I’m worried about the case being damaged, and the same is true if I’m using it naked.

I think Lamicall’s smartphone ring structure that takes this into consideration is very wonderful.

You can easily change the position of the ring and use it comfortably as a handle or as a stand.

The great strength of this Lamicall MagSafe 360 ​​degree rotating smartphone ring is that you can use it comfortably as a smartphone ring.

The angle of the ring can be fixed firmly, so the tilt of the smartphone can be adjusted relatively freely.

There is no problem as a stand function.

It’s also great that it has a plain metal ring.

By attaching a metal ring, the magnetic force can be strengthened, and the ring can be used on models and cases that do not support magsafe.

Overall, I thought it was a well-balanced smartphone ring.

cospa :★★★★☆

magnetic force :★★★☆☆

Lightness :★★★☆☆

Functionality :★★★★☆

design :★★★★☆

Anker 610 Magnetic Phone Grip

Next is Anker, which is familiar with mobile batteries. Anker has released magsafe compatible products as the Mag Go series, and this “Anker 610 Magnetic Phone Grip” is also one of the Mag Go series. The price is 2,000 yen.

However, I was a bit skeptical about this product.

The design and functionality are mediocre and featureless. It looks unfashionable.

Of course, it performs the minimum function as a smartphone ring, but the “weak magnetic force” was the most noticeable difference compared to others.

If you use the iPhone naked, it will stick to it with some degree of magnetic force, but if you bite the case, the magnetic force will decrease, and if you shake it a little, it will fall off.

For the time being, I put the metal case that came with the ring I bought this time inside the case, but it still didn’t work.

Among the smartphone rings I bought this time, the results were inferior in terms of appearance, function, and weak magnetic force.

It’s a personal preference, but Anker doesn’t like the design, including the mobile battery.

It was a little disappointing because the function was also subtle this time.

cospa :★★☆☆☆

magnetic force :★☆☆☆☆

Lightness :★★★☆☆

Functionality :★★☆☆☆

design :★★☆☆☆

BoYata Magnetic Smartphone Ring

Next is BoYata’s magnetic smartphone ring. BoYata is a very popular manufacturer of computer stands.

I am always indebted when I am working from home. The price is about 2,600 yen. I bought it for about 2,300 yen with a coupon.

I didn’t think it was a smartphone ring, but it has a slightly sharper design than others.

Feeling simple and robust. It’s boneless.

I’m using the iPhone 12 Pro, and the horizontal lines are just right.

As a feature, the arm has a two-stage structure, so it can be placed in various ways.

For me, who says that the stand function is important for a smartphone ring, this is a big deal.

A metal ring is also included, so you can install even products that are not compatible with this.

So, of course, you can place it in the usual way,

It can also be placed vertically.

What I personally thought was the best is that it is possible to float the smartphone in the air.

If you go this far, it’s already beyond the realm of a smartphone ring, but it’s wonderful that you can get the height.

Although it is not so solid and stable, it is enough for watching videos.

Also, how durable is a ring that can use such a gimmick?

Even in Amazon reviews, there are comments about durability, but if you can continue to use it with this quality,

Personally, I think it’s the strongest smartphone ring. Power smartphone ring.

cospa :★★★☆☆

magnetic force :★★★☆☆

Lightness :★★☆☆☆

Functionality :★★★★★

design :★★★☆☆

PITAKA MagSafe Ring MagEZ Grip Magnetic Smartphone Ring

The last is PITAKA’s smartphone ring. I use PATAKA as a case, and this red case is the second one.

It’s very thin and light, but it protects me well, and above all, I like it because it’s stylish.

So, PITAKA’s smartphone ring is expensive.

About 3,500 yen. Compared to other rings, it’s way over the top.

It is expensive because it uses a special material called aramid fiber. Case is too high.

Mine is out of shape, so I got it a lot cheaper.

However, as you can see, it is very stylish.

To be honest, the function as a ring is nothing special.

It’s not particularly user-friendly, but you can feel something like elegance.

However, in terms of practicality, the magnetic force is strong and it is lightweight.

This may be due to the superiority of the material, but it weighs only 27g and feels lighter than when you hold other rings.

Also, making is solid.

I feel that the quality for the price is one step higher than other rings, and I feel that this PITAKA ring can be used for a long time even if other rings are broken.

cospa :★★☆☆☆

magnetic force :★★★★☆

Lightness :★★★★☆

Functionality :★★☆☆☆

design :★★★★★


So, I introduced 4 types, but when I wrote it like this, I realized that my intuition and the score were quite different, and it was interesting.

My personal recommendation would be the following:

  1. Lamicall MagSafe 360 ​​Degree Rotating Smartphone Ring
  2. BoYata Magnetic Smartphone Ring
  3. PITAKA MagSafe Ring MagEZ Grip Magnetic Smartphone Ring
  4. Anker 610 Magnetic Phone Grip

1 is a stable and recommended ring for everyone

2 has excellent gimmicks and functionality, so it is a ring that seems to be useful in various ways.

3 has no special function, but it is a ring with good quality as a smartphone ring

4 is a mediocre ring with no reason to buy it

That’s what it feels like. I think I’ll try using BoYata as my main for a while.

It’s been a long time since I did a comparative review of gadgets, but it’s interesting.

I would like to do it again.